How You Can Earn Crypto on Publish0x Reading, Writing, and Sharing Great Articles

1. Earn Crypto by Reading

2. Earn Crypto by Blogging – Become a Publish0x Author

3. Earn Crypto by Sharing Great Articles

Introducing Publish 0x! a “crypto powered blogging platform”, they’re are not the first but they will be the biggest, and they have a few unique quirks, but first, the most important question; How do you pronounce 0x? Well, actually the 0x is silent, we are Publish!

Publish0x is a crypto agnostic – currently the tips are in Ethereum (ETH), Harvest Finance (iFARM), and Ampleforth (AMPL), and they will be adding ETH-ERC20s in a future update.

PS. Check out the Infographic at the bottom of this article. It sums Publish0x up nicely.

• Publish0x doesn’t have its own coin and is crypto agnostic.

• When tipping, both the author and reader earn. Tips are free for both the author and reader, and come from Publish0x rewards pool.

• Publish0x is not trying to become a social network. It is a publishing platform open to select approved authors. Focus of Publish0x is on quality content.

What is Publish0x and How it Works

Publish0x is a crypto agnostic, like publishing platform that rewards both authors and readers.

Readers have the option to send a micro tip to the authors and get a portion of the tip for themselves. Tips are free for both reader and author and come from our rewards pool.

More details can be found in these posts:

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How does tipping works

If Tips are Free, Where Do the Coins Come From?

Tips on Publish0x are free for both author and reader. The tips are sponsored by Publish0x. Tips will likely be sponsored in the future.

Does that Mean Advertising is Coming?

Publish0x are keen to avoid putting banner ads all over the site. Publish0x might place 1 in the backend dashboard if they think they can do so tastefully without overwhelming the site with ads. They would prefer to work with different interesting and ambitious coins who would be interested to “airdrop” and give away their tokens through Publish0x to gain awareness, or to sponsor the creation of article and video content to appear on Publish0x.

Which Tokens Are They Using?

Currently, tips can only be made in multiple, tradable ETH ERC-20 tokens.

How Can I Withdraw My Coins? Payout date and rules.

Note that these should be taken as guidelines and are subject to change without notice.

Payouts are processed every first Monday of the month.

When you request a payout, the Publish0x team manually checks the request. Once your payout is accepted, your balance will be sent on the first Monday of next month.

The minimum threshold for a payout is $1 payable* in a token**.

*The minimum amount needed to request a payout is subject to change. The date the payouts are sent is subject to change.

Which Wallet Should I Use and Can I Withdraw Crypto to an Exchange Wallet?

This is important, Publish0x absolutely DOES NOT recommend withdrawing to an exchange account wallet. In the future there will be multiple tokens to earn in, and if the exchange doesn’t support those tokens, then these tokens will be lost forever.

Please DO NOT use a wallet on an exchange – it is asking for trouble. Download a self hosted ETH wallet like MyCrypto. MyCrypto Wallet will work and display all ETH ERC-20 tokens and guarantee that you keep all of your tokens received from Publish0x.

Best of all, with MyCrypto you control your private keys and your crypto.

Other popular wallets you can use include MyEther Wallet, or a Metamask wallet.

Publish0x take no responsibility if you set an exchange wallet or a wallet that doesn’t support tokens they give out, and if you receive coins there from Publish0x which are unsupported at the exchange. You will likely lose those tokens.

Here’s a post to help you withdraw your ERC-20 tokens to Metamask, MyCrypto, and MyEther Wallets.

Do You Have Proof that Publish0x Pays Out? How Can I Know that They Pay?

Yes they do!

Click here and here to view their base payout wallet, so you can see all payouts/txs originating from their wallet.

Here are a few posts form users boasting that they’ve gotten paid out from Publish0x:

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Cashing Out – Guide

Click here to read a guide that will help you cash out, open up a wallet and understand security risks attached to cryptocurrencies.

Publish0x in Relation to Other Projects

How is Publish0x Different Compared to Steemit?

Here are the main differences:

  • They don’t have their own coin and are crypto agnostic. They say they will be adding support for multiple ERC-20 coins in the future, as well as for coins on other chains.
  • When tipping, both the author and reader earn. No one loses anything when a tip is given. Tips are free for both the author and reader and come from our rewards pool.
  • Tips from your account don’t have more or less “voting power” than tips made from an account holding more of “xyz” token (in case of Steemit, more of STEEM).
  • They say they are not trying to become a social network. They are a publishing platform open to select approved authors that focus on quality content. Thus, it would be more accurate to compare them to Medium than Steemit.

Is Publish0x a part of the 0x Protocol or District0x?

No. They are not based on or a part of neither 0x Protocol (DEX protocol) nor District0x (a social space protocol).

District0x did plan to launch a project under the name Publish0x (they wanted to launch a Decentralised Publishing Market for Books) sometime in 2017, but they have no connection with it other than they happened to have chosen the name Publish0x by pure chance.

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