How to start earning cashback on the internet using AI

The internet allows you to create different businesses. You can get into dropshipping, e-commerce, affiliate or training sales.

All of these businesses can make you big money and help you achieve financial freedom. Personally, I am working on a few of this business and am already making money.

But to be honest, I had to develop skills through training and then monetize it. It takes time and without persistence you can give up.

What if I told you that it is now possible to get started on the internet without skills and start generating automatic gains in 48 hours. You will certainly tell me that it is impossible. So if this is your case, I’ll meet you at the end of the article.

Today, I will tell you about the how you can earn cashback without having to go for shopping.

Large companies offer affiliate cashback programs or integration with them takes place via various cashback aggregators. In most cases, agreements do not have to be concluded with the websites directly. You just need to accept the terms and conditions on the website.

What is cashback?

The term cashback means cash back. It refers to receiving a discount on your online purchases.

Ai marketing developed a robot that does the publication for shops, industries and companies that generate commissions called Cashback after having made sales of their products

The fastest method of making money is funding an advertising campaign with Then MarketRobot will order advertising and will get cashback. After confirmation of the aggregator the cashback is transferred to your Cashback account and you can withdraw it using the most convenient method.

AI Marketing allows you to earn money without too many constraints by using the marketbot (AI analysis system)

What is Ai marketing?

Ai marketing is an online advertising platform of the company Wexford Alliance Limited a transparent company incorporated on May 02, 2017 which is engaged in scientific studies, artificial intelligence and Internet marketing. Marketing combined with marketing and artificial intelligence.

Ai Marketing allows you to fund advertising campaigns for its various aggregators. The minimum investment is $ 10 for a minimum profit of 25-35% of your advertising budget.

Thus with each purchase of a product or service by a customer; you receive 55% of the cashback and the ai marketing platform 45%. It’s a win-win situation. Aggregators get free advertising on their offers, you and the marketbot get cashback.

Aggregators are the large partner companies like Microsoft, Samsung, eBay, Aliexpress to name a few. These aggregators are in different themes such as: IT, travel, tourism, online stores, clothing, sport, music, health, beauty, etc.

The cashback received on your marketbot after purchase is pending and will only be validated after the confirmation period which varies from 16 to 83 days and depends from one aggregator to another. Approved cashback is money that you can withdraw or reinvest in your marketbot.

What is the marketbot?

The Ai marketing site works with an artificial intelligence (ai robot) called the marketbot.

MarketBot or GPAP System (Global Product Analysis and Promotion system) selects promising products analyzing trends in social networks and search queries. The analysis results are used to select the key words and trends gaining popularity regionally.

The team of professionals then develops and runs targeted advertising campaigns.

For each sale through the advertising campaign, the seller pays a commission through a cashback service. You then get your share of that commission.

As a result, you make $1.25 to $1.35 for every dollar you put in advertising.

MarketBot in short

  • Very low risk (because of MarketBot Protect)
  • Up to 35% monthly returns
  • Fund with credit/debit card or crypto
  • No recruiting required
  • No setup or monthly costs
  • $10 minimum to start
  • You get $50 gift card to start get your robot working.


1. By the holiday season the analysis system detects that the word combinations “last minute tour”, “cheap ticket” and “book hotel” have become trendy.

2. They select cashback programs from travel industry websites such as OneTwoTrip, Booking, Teztour, etc.

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3. They order massive advertising in the selected areas.

4. After customers make purchases, accruals will appear on your account as “Pending” in the “Sales” section of your account.

5. After the cashback has been confirmed by the Cashback Program Operator, money is received on the “Cashback” account and is available for withdrawal.

How much profit can I make from my advertising budget?

The MarketBot does not have any fixed profitability. Its profitability depends on a great number of factors such as the advertising cost and its efficiency, the number of customer refunds, how fast purchases are confirmed, etc.

During a full-scale testing of the system the MarketRobot showed profitability between 25 and 35% profit per month on the Advertising Budget amount.

Your cashback is protected

55% of each cashback goes to you. The other 45% goes to the MarketBot Protect Fund. You have nothing to lose even in case the customer refuses the purchase and the cashback is canceled! The MarketBot will cover the canceled cashback.

What is the protect marketbot

When shopping on the internet, it may happen that one or more customers do not confirm their purchases, cancel their reservations, receive damaged goods. In this case, partner sites usually refund the money to customers and cashback aggregators do not confirm the amounts credited to your account and do not clear the funds.

The MarketBot Protect fund is created to intervene and pay you unconfirmed credited amounts. The MarketBot Cashback Protect option allows you to manage your advertising campaigns without worrying about customers canceling services.

This is how the 45% of cashback received by mainly constitutes the company’s income. These funds are used to cover operating activities and to support the MarketBot Protect fund.

AI marketing transaction screenshot

How to withdraw my earnings on Ai marketing

To make a withdrawal you will have to wait until the current cashback is approved by the cashback program operators. When the cashback is validated you have different means of payment to withdraw it.

You can use: bitcoin, ethereum, tether, perfectmoney, payeer, master card, visa card, yandex money, applepay, qiwi, alpha click and mir card.

Card payments are limited to certain countries. So when making a payment you choose your country first. Most if not all African countries are not supported on visa/MasterCard payments. The best to use is Payeer, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

If you received the $ 50 gift certificate when you registered. You will need to pay it off first before making any cashback withdrawals, the first of which must be $ 100. Then you can make all withdrawals from $ 10.

There are other ways to earn from A I Marketing website

Discount purchases

You can also earn money by shopping directly on Ai Marketing partner sites and get cash back. To benefit from it, you will need to generate a refund link to this site on the marketbot and then be directed to the partner site to make the purchase. Online cash back supports more than 20,000 sites.

Offline cashback

If you are a member of Ai Marketing, you have the option to shop at your favorite local stores and get great Cashback. Stores like walmart, KFC, Carrefour, Mc Donald allow you to Get 1.5% off your daily expenses.

To benefit from it go to your marketbot under the offline cashback section. Then select your region and fill in the last 4 digits of the card on which you intend to make purchases. When Paying for your purchases with this card, take photos and download checks. The purchases will be displayed in the “Sales” section, and the refund will be available after the verification period.

Make sponsorship

Ai Marketing’s referral program allows you to Share the gift certificate with a friend and benefit from 5% on the advertising budget allocated to their marketbot.

The number of referrals being unlimited, you can have as many referrals as you want. This allows you to have additional budget for your market bot. The check is given under certain terms and conditions which you can view by visiting the Ai marketing site under the cashback section.

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Participate in the task reward program

You can earn a few dollars by doing any of the following:

Write an article that presents Ai.markering’s unique offer and contains your personal commentsShare the official ai marketing video on all social networksWrite a comment on a ready-made video on YouTube and Instagram

All these tasks must respect the conditions related to the reward programs that you can find on the site by consulting this link . Participants who violate the rules of the reward program will be excluded from the program.

My opinion on AI Marketing

I have been in the online business and more specifically in the affiliate business for quite some time. This business model is simple but requires skills and time to generate significant gains.

You have to master a source of traffic as well as the sales funnels to be successful. Many people run into this difficulty and eventually give up.

But with Ai Marketing you don’t need to develop any skills. By just financing your marketbot you can make a very good turnover with cashback. It’s a simple business that allows anyone to get started on the internet. In addition, sponsorship is not mandatory to make money.

The downside with Ai marketing is that cashback times take several days to be approved (16-83 days). This is a long time especially when you are in an online business. This is the reason why the Ai marketing site should be considered as a long term investment and not as a quick gain of money.

Despite this disadvantage, I highly recommend that you get started with Ai Marketing because it is a source of passive income.

You need to start think differently from others to become a millionaire. Your approach to money, jobs, risk, problems, preparation and time should change.

Average people look for ways to spend money. Millionaires look for ways to invest money

Average people think a better job will make them wealthy. Millionaires know that a job will never make them wealthy, investment will.

Average people stay away from risks because they might fail. Millionaires know if they don’t take risks, they have already failed.

Average people try to avoid problems. Millionaires see problem as an opportunity to make millions.

Average people prepare for today. Millionaires prepare today for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Average people waste time. Millionaires see time as their most valuable assets.

Average people are always afraid of losing money. Millionaires know if they don’t lose money they cannot be wiser, smarter
and straight.

AI marketing become a global leader in the cashback industry

AI Marketing entered the TOP 10k of Alexa sites (7746) and have become the world leader in cashback, overtaking well-known sites such as (8666), (36830) and (171,508).

What is Alexa Rank?

This is a website rating system created by, (an affiliate of Amazon). Alexa counts users who have visited the site for at least 3 months. The number of visitors refers to the number of users who visit a particular site per day. the lower the arithmetic value of Alexa rank, the better. It is a very popular website if it manages to access Alexa TOP 10k sites.

Alexa Rank provides fairly objective information about the particular resource. for example, all of their visits will be counted as one if an individual user visits several different pages several times a day.

The number of new accounts and the number of new partners is increasing rapidly. The number of active users is also increasing. They will certainly be entering the Alexa TOP 5k sites soon with your help!

The Covid-19 lockdown has boosted online sales and consequently, the gains with AI Marketing have exploded since the lockdown began in March 2020.

AI Marketing Personal Account Screenshot

What do the different accounts mean?

1. $2000 : that’s my advertising budget. After MarketBot has selected promising products, They will order massive advertising using this money until it’s finished. Smaller budgets tend to get used up faster resulting in lower cashback earnings when your advertising budget is low compared to when your budget is about $1000 and higher.

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Money cannot be withdrawn from the Advertising Balance as it is your Advertising Campaign Budget. You can withdraw cashback you have earned from your Advertising Campaign.

2. 1191.77 That’s my available Cashback.

Cashback account is the money you have earned and is ready for withdrawal because as all sales have been confirmed and the money has been sent by the aggregators to AI Marketing.

There is no manipulation in it. It all makes sense because all online shopping requires bookings/shipment…

3. 7353.41 : It means that the customers referred by the advertisement, have purchased a product or service and the cashback program operator notifies me about the cashback that will be accrued after the purchase is confirmed. As a result, I have an accrual in your personal account which is displayed in the “Pending” section.

What do I have to do to confirm customers’ transactions?

I do not have to do anything. I only have to wait until the cashback accrued for purchases is confirmed by the cashback program operators and the cashback amount is transferred from “Pending” to my “Cashback” account. Then, I can choose to withdraw my profit or use the money to refund my advertising budget.

How long will cashback remain in “Pending” satus?

It depends on the cashback program operator and may take 16-60 days. Confirmed cashback is displayed in the “Cashback” account. For more information about average terms of conformation, please refer to

Credit account is temporarily idle funds of the Development Fund that have to be repaid after the advertising campaign is over. The profit will be accrued to your cashback account and you will be able to use it at your own discretion.

So, in short…✍️ this is how this business concept’s bein’ done.

so, How does Marketbot generate cashback/commissions for us?


You simply create an account and then Ai marketing gives you a robot for free (in your account)

In few words: When you open an account, Ai marketing gives you the marketbot (robot for free)
What next is to finance your robot with an advertising budget so that it goes in an advertising campaign to generate cashback (commissions)

The minimum to start funding your robot is $ 10. But it is advisable to use $ 100 and more

How to register for AI Marketing

1_ Click here to go to the website (Read step 2 before you visit the website).

If you want a $50 loan to start your Advertising campaign use this link and not the one above. You can it back when you earn cashback but your first withdrawal will be a minimum of $100.

2_ To register click on the first icon that you will find the one with the blue brain.

3_ The minimum deposit is $ 10, it is recommended to start with $100.

4_ Click on complete or purchase the advertisement and follow the instructions, after investment you will see the amount displayed within 30 minutes in the balance of advertisements above your virtual card.
Then wait 48hrs-72hrs of moderation before the robot starts


Thanks to this article, you have enough details about the ai marketing platform. This information will only come in handy if you take action. This business will allow you to get started on the internet without too many constraints and will give you time to take care of your other online activities.

Click here to register now.

Bonus tip

Creating Referral Link:
*~Click on My Marketing
*Activate on 5% Affiliate Program
*activate on Gift Certificate if you want to give a link with $50 loan, if not, you deactivated it
*Then SAVE.
*Click on COPY LINK.
*Then you paste it to whom you want to send it.
*Remember to tell your referrals to click on blue brain sign when registering

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