Allstate vs. Esurance: Average car insurance rates

Allstate owns Esurance, but the two insurance companies take very different approaches to business. In particular, Allstate emphasizes customer relationships with dedicated agents, while Esurance caters to those who prefer a low-touch, online experience.

Here’s a detailed look at what differentiates them.

Allstate vs. Esurance: Average car insurance rates

NerdWallet analyzes car insurance prices every year from the largest companies in each state to help consumers shop for a policy. Both Esurance and Allstate are among the largest companies in several states, so we can give some insights about their prices.

Esurance and Allstate don’t charge drastically different rates — the rates we found for good drivers with good credit from each company in 2019 were just about $10 per month apart, on average. Here are the annual average rates for full coverage and three driver profiles, plus minimum coverage rates for the good driver with good credit.

Good drivers with good credit

Drivers with a recent at-fault accident

Drivers with poor credit and a clean driving history

Minimum required coverage

These prices are averaged across only the states where we found rates for each company and may not reflect prices in your state. Esurance tends to be cheaper than Allstate in certain states, including Arizona and California, and is cheaper for people in Colorado with poor credit on average, in our analysis.

  • Allstate offers a full range of policies and products in all 50 states through a network of agents. You can get Allstate insurance quotes online, although you will be assigned a local agent if you want to buy a policy.
  • Esurance provides a plethora of online tools to help you buy insurance yourself. It doesn’t have agents to meet in person. The company sells only online and by telephone.

Esurance vs. Allstate: NerdWallet ratings

Both companies earned 3.5 stars in NerdWallet’s ratings of the Best Car Insurance Companies, but Allstate ranked 13th, while Esurance ranked 17th out of 24 insurers.

NerdWallet’s rating is a score based on:

  • J.D. Power ratings for customer service, claims satisfaction and shopping satisfaction.
  • Consumer Reports customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Consumer complaints against the insurer, based on data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Allstate vs. Esurance: customer satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Esurance does better when customers are shopping, while Allstate tends to have happier customers after an insurance claim, according to J.D. Power.

In the 2019 J.D. Power U.S. Insurance Shopping Study:

  • Esurance tied for fourth place out of 19 ranked companies, earning it a rating of “Better than most.”
  • Allstate earned a rating of “about average,” with the 15th best score.

The 2019 claims study from J.D. Power wasn’t out at the time of publication. In its 2018 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, both companies were “about average.” Allstate was the tenth-best insurer out of 22 in the study, edging out Esurance, which was 16th.

Allstate vs. Esurance: insurance options

Usage-based car insurance

Insurance for other vehicles (motorcycles, RVs, boats)

Yes (offered through partners in some states)

Yes (offered through partners in some states)

Yes (offered through partners in some states)

Yes (offered only through partners)

Yes (through the National Flood Insurance Program)

Yes (through the National Flood Insurance Program)

Yes (offered only through partners)

Yes (offered through Allstate)

Other financial services (investments, identity theft coverage, college savings plans, etc.)

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Allstate vs. Esurance: usage-based car insurance

Both offer “usage-based” car insurance — DriveWise from Allstate and DriveSense from Esurance.  These programs involve an app tracking your driving behavior, including mileage, time of day, sudden acceleration and hard braking. Each company’s program handles the information differently:

  • Allstate’s DriveWise rewards safe driving behavior with a mix of cash back and Allstate Rewards, which include discounts on clothing brands, restaurants and electronics.
  • Esurance rewards safe driving with policy discounts, including an initial discount for signing up for DriveSense.

Each company also has a pay-per-mile offering, which charges a base rate and per-mile fee. Esurance offers its pay-per-mile insurance only in Oregon, while Allstate offers it in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

Allstate vs. Esurance: customer service, online tools

Esurance’s online tools, which are among the most comprehensive, include:

  • Coverage Counselor, which tailors coverage recommendations for you.
  • Photo claims, which allow you to submit photos to have damage appraised.
  • RepairView, which allows you to track repairs, including getting a daily photo of your car.
  • Fuelcaster, a gas price forecasting tool to help you plan for gas price changes.
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