Angela Simmons Heats Up Thirst Trap In The Nude

By Alex Zidel  April 17, 2020 16:30  12K Views  05  22Angela Simmons Says She & Bow Wow Are “Just Friends”

Angela Simmons gets hearts racing with a brand new nude photo on Instagram.

Angela Simmons comes from hip-hop royalty and she’s made the most of her connections, becoming a successful businesswoman in her own right. Currently a star on Growing Up Hip-Hop, her personal life is in the spotlight as she often shares storylines with Bow Wow, a man she seemingly will always be linked to. While they say they are just friends, their bond has kept them close for such a long time and fans would like to see their relationship blossom into something more.

From time to time, the 32-year-old loves to remind her fans and followers of just how snatched she truly is. One of those days happened this week after the daughter of Rev. Run dropped off a new thirst trap for the world to enjoy.

Angela Simmons
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Working on new hair textures, Angela Simmons wanted to give fans a sneak peek of one of her favorite new styles, donning a gorgeous wig on her head. Her hair ran down her entire body, covering her up as she sat on a wooden bench wearing solely a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. 

Looking like an absolute stunner, Angela Simmons knows how to steal the attention. 

Take a look at the photo below.

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This is the worst “nude” i’ve ever seen , just fuck off Alex Zidel9   Reply Share ReportBK The Great1 h

I prefer a taylor swift type of body    1Reply Share ReportRustyShoes8 h

She’s cute but this pose looks like she’s taking a ??2   Reply Share ReportLulu Monroe8 h

She is not cute    1Reply Share Reportilluminatiofficial10 h

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I bet her pussy ain’t all that , but I’d still love to find out for myself .   Reply Share ReportYour Father12 h

I would deff fck, I’d b lying if I said otherwise.. but she look just like ur everyday basic shortie ??‍♂️2   Reply Share Reportyahwehrohi112 h

She regular, she ain’t never been all that to me.5   Reply Share ReportBOSS13 h

all she needs is a good dick beat down and a kick in the ass out my bed tomorrow morning2   Reply Share ReportLulu MonroeBOSS8 h


   Reply Share Report65432113 h

Solid 7.5   Reply Share ReportLulu Monroe6543218 h

Not even a basic 3   Reply Share Reportyoung_volki6543211 h

nah that face bring her down to a 6.5 , at best. Her body elevates her up tho lol1   Reply Share ReportCookie Monster FTW13 h

alex is slowly growing up, y’all. He is including the photos now when he talks about nude pics3    1Reply Share ReportYaBoyJimboCookie Monster FTW13 h

that wasnt no muh fucking nude pic.6   Reply Share ReportGlowed and Throwed14 h

Get this jordyn woods looking bitch outta here3    1Reply Share Reportpotc258214 h

Yawn…5    1Reply Share Reportmarcrobinson45714 h

I’m licking that bench as soon as she gets up ?3    7Reply Share ReportEraun Petry14 h

Business is slow2   Reply Share ReportAJ Styles15 h

What is more “thirst trap” this picture, or Alex Zidel claiming she’s nude in his headline?4   Reply Share ReportCookie Monster FTWAJ Styles13 h

Alex Zidel, obviously4   Reply Share Reportyoung_volki15 h

This is the worst “nude” i’ve ever seen , just fuck off Alex Zidel9   Reply Share Reportmetro boomin’ want s’mores nigga15 h

a one piece is nude now?6    1Reply Share ReportNOPE.15 h

Fuck yes. Wifey    3Reply Share ReportMORE COMMENTS


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